Hand Protection  .  Outer Wear Protection  (PPE   . Rain Wear ,   Head Protection . Eyes Protection .  Respiratory  Protection . Feet Protection.  Aerial Protection )  . Packing .  Industrial . Other 
1  Disposable Vinyl Glove
2  Disposable Nirture Glove
3  Powder Free Latex Glove
4  Abrasion And Cut  Resistant Glove
5  Water Proof and Cold Resistant Glove
6  Oil and Chemical Resistant Glove

CleanFit Associates manufactures several PPE items from China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Our markets are food industry, industrial, and retail. With over 100 items and counting CleanFit will continue to expand product line in coming years. While spending half our time abroad we have a team of qualified members which keep things running smoothly within the US. We have a QA team that’s dedicated to quality. Looking for a developer who is dedicated to quality and wanting to grow with a dedicated company.

Fishbowl inventory system or similar compatible with an eCommerce website within FileMaker.
Accounting Automation
Purchase order automation - assigned portals for each customer or sales rep account. When orders are placed through a portal or manually entered within system, list of automated items are created:

  1. 1)  Purchase order

  2. 2)  Packing list that self generates a item #, weights for items, cost, total

  3. 3)  Invoice

  4. 4)  Shipping Label

  5. 5)  Text packing slip to designated warehouse employees

  6. 6)  Creates Commission for sales Rep if there is one

Within FileMaker system need:
Accounting Automation(Similar to Quickbooks)
Purchase Orders(Generates packing list, Invoice, Shipping Label, Commission) eCommerce Automation(eBay, Amazon, etc)
Product Metrics (Size, Weight, Dimensions)
Dropship eCommerce Automation(FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, EMS, etc)
Work Orders & Services
Projects(New Items, Old Items Improvements)
Label Printing
Barcode Scanner
Sales Rep Link or Portal
Customer Link or Portal
EDI- our own EDI interface
Merchant Service
Monthly, Weekly, Daily Inventory report

Spread Sheets:

  1. 1)  Item, item number, w/UPC codes, Weights, Dimensions

  2. 2)  Pricing

  3. 3)  Invoices Template

  4. 4)  Packing Template

  5. 5)  Order Template

  6. 6)  Quote Template